The 3rd IWA Resource Recovery Conference 2019 – Scientific Committee is looking for paper contributions that discuss global best practices, scientific and technical progress, advances in fundamental knowledge, case studies of resource recovery from water, as well as economic, legislative, and societal opportunities and barriers in relation to resource recovery from water.

Building on successful conferences in Belgium and the USA, the third Resource Recovery from Water conference will be held in the beautiful City of Venice. This conference will play host to 250+ professionals and practitioners from around the globe across a range of disciplines including researchers, utilities, water professionals, technology providers, policy makers, consultants as well as market segments and industries outside of the water sector that can valorize the recovered resources.

Conference themes: The IWA RR2019 Scientific Committee invites you to present your work focused on the following conference topics:

  • Novel technologies for resource recovery from water;
  • Next generation resource recovery – breakthrough technologies and value-added products;
  • Implementation of resource recovery in demo and full-scale;
  • Planning and implementation of next-generation resource recovery, wastewater treatment and sanitation infrastructure – global, regional and local perspectives
  • Monetization, financing and policy-making to foster resource-recovery driven circular economies
  • Cross sectoral links and value chains – enhancing sustainability for society;
  • Economic, legislative, and societal opportunities and barriers.