Supporting EU Platforms


IWA Resource Recovery Conference has already received the support of key European Platforms, such as:


Water Europe – Technology & Innovation 

Water Europe is the recognized voice and promotor of water-related RTD and innovation in Europe. It aims to enhance the performance of the water service providers, water users, and technology providers, in a sustainable and inclusive way, and to contribute to solving water-related societal challenges. Water Europe saw the light as WssTP, initiated by the European Commission (EC) in 2004, as the European Technology Platform (ETP) for water.

ESPP – European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform

The European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) brings together companies and stakeholders to address the Phosphorus Challenge and its opportunities.

WAREG – European Water Regulators – is a group of economic regulators who have assembled to learn from each other’s experiences and support the development of the effective regulation of the water and wastewater industry in Europe. 

EurEau is the European federation of national water services. We represent national drinking and waste water service providers from 29 countries, from both the private and the public sectors.